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Welcome to Financial Gyaan

We at Financial Gyaan aims at sharing the knowledge about the various financial terms that relates to banking, insurance, mutual fund, real estate, stock market and other financial instrument. We have designed each and every term in such a manner that our visitors should be able to understand the basic meaning at one go. Being Rich is a privilege of those who born up with the silver spoon or those who have an ancestral wealth”. However it is not hard as it seems, investment is like a medicine like every medicine is not suited for every patient likewise every investment is not meant for every investor. Our objective is to make aware the investors about the “Nitty and Gritty” of every investment option available in an Indian market so that they can take an effective investment decision and can insure themselves against the various financial crunch that might arise in future because of their wrong investment decision.


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"Entering into financial contracts ( Mutual fund, Insurance, etc). Always keep the photocopy of the contract or proposal form,scan it further and keep it safe in your inbox".


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5 Safe Investment Options

  1: National Saving Certificate National saving certificate are one

5 Effective Investment Options