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Banking services include accepting deposit in the form of current, fixed, saving, recurring and granting loan & advances in the form of cash credit, loan, overdraft and discounting of bills.

Banking is the financial activity which is required in a country like India where people are more concerned about their saving and want to earn handsome return on it while playing safe. It provides a safe place to save excess cash, known as deposit and channels those deposit into lending activity. Primarily it work as a mediator and make money by charging higher interest rate on lending than they pay for deposit.

The Network of the bank in India is so strong that their presence one can felt throughout the length and breadth of the country and because of its widest networking, this industry is easily catering the saving need of Indian. India Being a place where the people have a conservative approach, banking plays a vital role in mobilizing the saving of the Indian.

The Journey of the Indian Banking System started with The General Bank of India established in 1786 and now the gear has been shift from long queue for withdrawal to instant cash through ATM, from visiting the branch to online services, from pass book entry to mobile banking and form manual entry for all transaction in branches to computerized branches. The Facilities makes the things easier and convenient for both the customer and bankers.

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Your EMI for a Loan of Rs. 1 Lakh

@ 8%2,0281213956836772
@ 10%2,1251,3221,075965909
@ 15%2,3791,6131,4001,3171,281
Use it to know the loan that you can take by calculating the EMI you can afford. For example, a Rs 10 lakhs loan at 10% for 20 year will translate into an EMI of Rs 19300(965*20)

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