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Mutual Fund


Do we cut our hair our self? The answer would be probably no, we go to the salon and get a haircut for our self from an expert, a professional in cutting hair because we know that he knows better than us the job of cutting the hair, similarly in mutual funds- a fund manager is an expert who professionally managed the fund`s on investor`s behalf based on his sound research and experience.


Liquidity is the another advantage of investing in mutual funds, imagine a situation  where you have been investing for long for yours daughter marriage and your investment has already delivered a good returns also, but at the time when you need the money most, you are not been able to redeem your investment as much as you required, ideally we all should have the money available whenever it is needed the most, even the high returns will not make any sense if we can`t use our own funds at the time we require it most.



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