Post Office Deposit Scheme


Post Office SchemeInterest (%)Minimum Investment (Rs.)Maximum Investment (Rs.)FeaturesTax Benefits
Monthly Income Scheme8.401,500Single 4.5 Lakh5 year tenure; monthly returnsNil
Joint 9 Lakh5 year tenure; monthly returnsNil
Recurring Deposits8.4010No limit5 year tenureNil
Savings Account4.0050No limitRs. 10,000 interest tax freeNil
5-year NSC - Issue VIII8.50100No limitNo TDS80C
10-year NSC - Issue IX8.80100No limitTDS applicable80C
Time Deposit8.40 - 8.50200No limitAvailable in 1, 2, 3, 5 Years80C
Senior Citizen Saving Scheme9.20 payable quaterly1,00015 Lakh5 year tenure; minimum age 6080C
Public Provident Fund8.705001 Lakh a year15-year term; tax free returns80C
Employees' Provident Fund8.75till retirement80C
Interest rates of the all the scheme offered by Indian Post Office.

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