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Real Estate


Real Estate as an asset class has always been a favourite with Indians. Traditionally we used to invest in residential property or land. However, a new trend of investment in commercial as well as in retail properties creating wider opportunity for investing in real estate but it is important to make the distinction between buying the real estate for consumption and buying it for an investment.

Buying a home to live or a shop that you will do business from is buying the real estate for consumption while buying the property and giving it on lease or rent is the perfect example of buying the real estate for an investment. However in both the cases, you will be enjoying the capital appreciation on your investment.

Investment into a real estate require a huge amount of money with bunch of legal formalities, price discovery etc however the returns are fantastic and non-comparable with any other investment options available in an Indian market.

Our government has taken a lot of initiatives to promote the investment in real estate sector like tax benefit on the repayment of principal and interest amount on home loan, capital gain tax exemption bond, indexation benefit etc that lures us to park our funds in real estate either for our own consumption or for investment purpose.


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