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Stock Market


We call “Stock Market”: a “Gamble” a “Risk” a “Volatile” and an “Uncertain” but still we are investing in it because of the simple reasons i.e. “Reward and Adventure”. Stock Market provides an opportunity for the exceptional return if you do your homework well and of course losses can be equal shocking as it is the part and parcel of investing in stocks.

Stock Market is the market where shares are bought and sold at an agreed price between the buyer and seller. Like any other market, this is where price of an equity shares gets decided upon an on-going basis, depending upon the demand and supply and prevailing emotions of all the buyers and sellers.

Also known as equity market and classified as a primary market and secondary market. The Primary market is where new issues are offered and subsequently listed in an exchange for trading is the secondary market. It plays the vital role in an economy as it gives an opportunity to the companies to raise capital from the general public and gives an ownership status in the company to the shareholder.

The two largest markets for equities in India are National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.


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